2018 California Invention Convention

The 2018 California Invention Convention will be held on April 14th, 2018 at Maxim Integrated in San Jose.

In the meantime, check these Critical Dates to make sure your inventor is ready to be part of the event.

Assuming that you will be running a 10 week program and that you will have your own local Invention Convention, then you probably want to start by mid-to-late October.

  • February 1st – School notifies CaIC if classes/school will be participating.
  • February 15th –   Student Registration is open
  • March 15th – Students must be Registered
  • April 14th – California Invention Convention – Location: Maxim Integrated in San Jose.
  • May 31st–June 3rd – National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) – The Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan. Finalists from CaIC attend (NICEE). Details for 2018 NICEE are at www.stemie.org.
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