2021 Industry Focus Awards

Inventions are categorized into one of 13 industry categories.  A winner is chosen in each category by independent Judges in their areas of interest and expertise.  If the category is supported by corporate or organizational sponsors, they choose the winner and provide an award. This year, we have two industry sponsors – Chevron for the Energy Award and California State Railroad Museum for the Public Safety /Public Good award.

As our convention grows, we are looking for more industry partners so that in time each category is sponsored by an organization or business that operates in that sector.  If you know of an organization that might be interested in being an industry sponsor, please contact us.

Agriculture (Food, Machinery, Tools), Pets, and Animal Care:
Ava Gunther 5th Grade St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School The Chick-O Feeder 3000 It solves the problem when you go to feed your chickens and you step on their poop. It also helps you feed our chickens without them escaping the coop.
Consumer Goods and Fashion:
Eliana Baskin 5th Grade Gateway School H20 Strap A strap that can attach non-permanently to any backpack and any water bottle to prevent water bottles from falling out of the pouch on the backpack.
Earth, Environment,  and Geosciences:
Ahmed Mufti 2nd Grade Walteria Elementary Self Watering System for Indoor Plants My Project is designed for Indoor plants which can do self watering in case you are not around or away from home for few days that way your plants would not get dry or die of no water.
Education (Technology, Systems, Tools, Hardware)
Abishrudha Sabari 3rd Grade Victor Elementary InteliAttendance4Covid19 (IA4C) App My IA4C App is to encourage students intelligently to go to school without fear of COVID-19 spread.
Neel Chandran 9th Grade El Cerrito HIgh School Regen-Cart A shopping cart which is able to generate energy when pushed.
Health and Medical Technology (tie):
Cala Watson 2nd Grade Pacific Coast Charter Magic Medicine Kit The Magic Medicine Kit has everything you need to have fun when taking your medicine. It helps medicine taste better and helps kids feel better who have to take medicine.
Health and Medical Technology (tie):
Jyothikaa Ramann 11th
Independent Inventor CarC SPY: A Novel AI-Based Electrochemical Biosensor for Early Cancer Detection Current Cancer Cell Diagnostics methods are an inaccurate and time-consuming process with various invasive procedures, resulting in only late-stage detection of cancer. Thus, a more advanced and accurate alternative is needed for this cancer diagnostic dilemma. The CarC SPY AI-based electrochemical biosensor accurately detects cancer-specific biomarkers from an organism’s cell culture or blood to determine the existence of cancer.
Home Organization:
Haley Williams 8th Grade Twin Hills Charter Middle Soil Cinch My invention is intended to create a more efficient way to store house plants in your home. il. This design is made to prevent soil from scattering out of the pot.
Home Technology
Madeline Frank 6th Grade Corte Madera SaxVac  When I play my saxophone, saliva gets collected in my instrument and has to be cleaned which takes about 10 minutes and includes disassembly. I wanted to create a machine that uses a vacuum to suck the saliva from my saxophone in a few seconds, without having to take apart the instrument. So, I invented the SaxVac. It provides cleaning technology for an alto saxophone, quickly. safely and conveniently.
Household Tools:
Zander Ross 5th Grade Watsonville Charter School of the Arts Water Holder 2021 The Water Holder 2021 is an invention that is a set of measuring spoons that has covers that slide from side to side and keeps the ingredients from spilling out. This is to help people that have Parkinson’s disease or limited mobility.
Aryan Mangal 9th Grade Independent Inventor Determining mental wellbeing by analyzing change in social and personal behavior/habits using machine learning. The goal of this research is to use the latest technological tools such as conversational AI and machine learning to detect early on changes in behavioral patterns potentially leading up to suicidal thoughts and depression.
Sports, Games, Entertainment, and Toys:
Panav Shah 4th Grade Joshua Chadbourne Elementary Jump Silencer Jump Silencer is a removable extension for a shoe or feet that will significantly reduce the noise made by jumping on wooden floors.
Diego Torres 5th Grade Hall District Elementary My Peace of Mind My invention is a combination of a website, app, and smart watch design.  My invention is a combination of tools that are easily accessible and affordable to people with anxiety disorders.  The wearable watch is a private way for anxiety sufferers to practice breathing and meditation techniques, talk about their feeling in real time, track the level of their anxiety, and call for help if it is an emergency.
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