2022 Award Winners

So much to celebrate this year!  In spite of all the barriers to participation created by the pandemic, our teachers, students (and parents!) and judges came through – with over 251 inventors, representing 65 school and after school programs from all across California.  Check out the list of participants and their inventions.

The Awards Ceremony was broadcast on May 6th..  Our thanks to our Premier Sponsor Analog Devices, Inc. who produced the show for us.  If you missed the awards ceremony or would like to view it again, here is the YouTube link.  The video is 55 minutes.

The Merit Awards (click here for names) went to those inventors within each grade whose inventions showed great promise and effort.

The Industry Focus Awards (click here for names) honored one invention within each of 12 Industry categories.

This year 84 inventors are invited to participate (click here for namesin the National Invention Convention  sponsored by The Henry Ford on June 24, 2021.

The three top awards are the Analog Devices Best in ShowCentral Coast Patent Agency Most Marketable Invention, and The Eagan Family Foundtion Most Innovative Invention.  This year we have a TIE(!!) for Most Marketable.

Read about these top award winners and in the column to the right.

Anish Bhethanabotla, 9th grade Independent Inventor, from San Jose for his invention: HeartScope: A Novel way of predicting heart disease using Machine Learning and Arduino

The Problem: 18 million people die due to cardiovascular diseases every year and 75% of cases occur in low income countries. ECG reading devices cost hundreds ands have accuracy ratings around 60% and Arrhythmia detection devices cost up to thousands. Heart disease that lead to unneccesary deaths goes untreated.

The Solution:   Heartscope does 3 things: ECG Reading, Arrhythmia detection, and Heart rate monitoring all at a low-cost and with high accuracy. Plus it can be deployed quickly in emergency scenarios. Deaths can be prevented by early prediction of heart disease.

Anish will receive a $250 award from The Eagan Family Foundation.

"Kids Inventing Their Future"