2022 Industry Focus Awards

Inventions are categorized into one of 12 industry categories.  A winner is chosen in each category by independent Judges in their areas of interest and expertise.  If the category is supported by corporate or organizational sponsors, they choose the winner and provide an award.

As our convention grows, we are looking for  industry partners so that in time each category is sponsored by an organization or business that operates in that sector.  If you know of an organization that might be interested in being an industry sponsor, please contact us.

Industry Focus  Inventors Grade    School  Invention   Description
Agriculture and Food Ewan Kim   3 Adams Elementary Smart Pot for Picky Plants The Smart Pot for Picky Plants is a pot designed to provide shelter for plants that are sensitive to harsh weather. This invention helps people who want to grow picky plants, but cannot always move them around.
Animal Care and Pets Remi Martinez   3 Arnold  Elementary Rubbie Blinds Rubbie Blinds are flexible rubber blinds that allow a cat to jump through blinds to look out the window –   without breaking the blinds.
Consumer Goods and Fashion Ivan Lu   7 Magruder Middle Buckle Bag Buckle Bag is a bag that attaches to other bags by an adjustable quick-release buckle. It will solve problems of space and convenience by acting like an external pocket.
Earth and Sustainability Risha Gupta   4 Towers Elementary P.E.A.C.E (Portable Easy Automatic Compost Efficient) With P.E.A.C.E the idea is to make Composting process automated and hassle free so that all of us can use it and reduce the production of wet waste. The resulting compost texture is just like soil: rich in nutrients and can be given to any plant, in soil, or a pot.
Education (Technology, Systems, Hardware, Tools) Philip Ryu   4 Cornerstone School I-Safe Bookmark This is a digital bookmark featuring distance sensor, brightness sensor and a timer to keep your eyes safe while reading or during screen time.
Energy Daksha Ravindhar   6 Gomes Elementary Solar Cook Today most people use non renewable energy while cooking and this releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. My solar cooker would use renewable solar energy to heat, cook and warm food  water in a sustainable / eco-friendly way.
Health and Medical (Tie) Audrey Chung   4 Lincoln Elementary Prickly Pal The Prickly Pal is a compact, reusable device designed to help reduce the problem of injection pain. When you press it against your skin, you will feel a prickly and cool sensation, which will create a nerve response and help distract the brain from the pain of a shot.
Health and Medical (Tie) Spriha Rajai   5 Saratoga Elementary Calm-o-Tron Calm-o-Tron is a calming and wearable  device to comfort our senses and relax both the body and mind using various techniques including music, guided meditation, essential oils.
Home Organization and Appliances Aanya Iyer   5 Saratoga Elementary The SmartFrame TheSmartFrame lets you easily and quickly change the look of your wall art frame using customizable frame swatches.  There is also an LED spotlight so you can see the displayed picture in the dark.
Manufacturing and Tools Xenia Sherwood   5 Watsonville Charter School of the Arts The Fresh Bristle 3000 This is an all-in-one paintbrush rinsing station made out of recycled materials and allows you to stay put and get new water easily with a few quick hand pumps and opening and closing of a lever while painting.
Safety (Team) Felix Alvarado & Kahdin Watson   5 Mount Madonna School TuckKit TuckKit is an electronic sensor you place on the back of your chair. If your chair is not tucked in, TuckKit beeps to remind you to tuck in your chair. If you are sitting in your chair or if the chair is tucked into the table, TuckKit does not beep.
Sports, Games, and Toys Connor Geddes   4 Watsonville Charter School of the Arts Lego Slide Sorter My invention is a lego sorter.  It is a slide that sorts lego by size making it much easier to find the small bricks.
Transportation Manav Vhanakaware   5 Wood Elementary Automatic Cargo Transportation System This invention automatically transports various types of cargo (such as household supplies) in large amounts using a system similar to cable cars that transport humans. The application is mostly suitable for hilly areas or situations when you need to cross a water bodies or masses.
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