2023 Industry Focus Awards

Inventions are categorized into one of 12 industry categories.  A winner is chosen in each category by independent Judges in their areas of interest and expertise.  If the category is supported by corporate or organizational sponsors, they choose the winner and provide an award.  The category with the most submissions, by far, is Consumer Goods & Fashion.  This year, two winners weree selected in this category.

Each winner will receive a plaque representing their category and a prize from either the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento, or Rolling Robots, Palos Verdes

Our thanks to both of these organizations for their consistent support of our efforts!

As our convention grows, we are looking for  industry partners so that in time each category is sponsored by an organization or business that operates in that sector.  If you know of an organization that might be interested in being an industry sponsor, please contact us.

Industry Focus Inventor Grade School  Invention Description 
Agriculture and Food Livia Rinaldi & Bethany Robles 5 Main Street Elementary Power Powder A powder that speeds up the process of composting. This powder is made out of natural ingredients –  a safe, healthy, organic and natural way to help our planet.
Animal Care and Pets Eloisa Sanchez 2 Birney Elementary Super Duper Pooper Scooper My invention has “magic doggy powder” that can can be used to cover a messy, gross poop, clump it up and get solid, then you can pick the poop up easily.
Consumer Goods and Fashion Aarav Patel 4 Gateway School CheckPak My solution warns kids if they’ve forgotten their school supplies like water bottles, lunch box, pencil case, etc by turning the LED on the backpack red.
Consumer Goods and Fashion Abigail Burgner 4 Arlington Elementary Dynamite Detangler My invention solves the problem of tangles in my hair after I shower.


Earth and Sustainability Jack Driscoll-Natale 11 Pacific Collegiate School H20 Monitoring For All: Solar Powered High-Frequency Water Quality Monitoring Device with Direct Continuous WiFi Data Uploading My invention provides the ability to closely monitor and analyze the health of our waterways easily, affordably, and in a timely manner.


Education (Technology, Systems, Hardware, Tools) Reimi Tanimura 3 Riviera Elementary Wrap-N-GO Pencil Holder My invention solves the problem of always losing my pens and pencils at school.


Energy Anant Arora 7 Magruder Middle Human Powered Energy Harvester  My invention helps you charge your devices on the go without being dependent on battery power. It is a clean alternative source of electricity.
Health and Medical Jake Maniscalco 8 American Martyrs School Instant Sanitizer Instant Sanitizer ensures that people will never be without sanitizer again. Aid organizations deliver millions of gallons of sanitizer to countries in need every year. Not only is this expensive, it is bad for the environment because the sanitizer is delivered in plastic containers. A single Instant Sanitizer kit will replace hundreds of bottles of sanitizer and prevent the need for additional shipments.
Home Organization and Appliances Xenia Sherwood 6 Watsonville Charter School of the Arts The Pure Pet Portal The Pure Pet Portal cleans cats and dogs as they come through their pet door when they are dirty.    It also provides better insulation than other pet doors on the market.
Manufacturing and Tools Andre’ Jaire’ Botnem-Richardson 4 Yukon Elementary Leaky Pipe Indicator (LPI) Leaky Pipe Indicator (LPI) solves problems that are caused by leaking pipes, such as water waste,high water bills, expensive repairs, mold growth, stinky smells/bad air quality, and spending money
Safety Quinette Winifred 6 St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School The Snake Scarer  My invention scares snakes away from humans before the humans do something foolish and get the snake or themselves hurt.
Sports, Games, and Toys Cameron Akhavan 7 Parras Middle Mining Fever: A Game About California History My boardgame solved the problem that students are uninterested and unengaged when learning about history through traditional textbook instruction by actually teaching players about Gold Rush history while they were having fun.
Transportation Annapurna Addepalli 5 Beryl Heights Elementary Motorcycle Accident Prevention Plan (MAPP) My invention recommends providing a dedicated lane for motorcycle riders. This will remove the need for motorcycle riders to do lane splitting.
"Kids Inventing Their Future"