3rd Grade California Inventor Awarded Patent

January 25, 2022

Vennela Attili, 3rd grader at O.N.Hirsch Elementary School in Fremont, CA, was recently award a Patent for her invention “Happy Sleep”.  The patent is for a stuffed animal or doll that has body temperature, and breath sounds and movement.  The stuffed animal or doll in bed with a child can lull the child into a feeling of having a living, breathing person or animal to comfort her and help her fall asleep.  Vennela first presented a prototype of her invention at the 2019 California Invention Convention when she was just a kindergartner.  Her tagline for her invention was “Happy Sleep makes Healthy Kids” and she hoped that her invention would help sick children especially those going through chemotherapy or were in isolation.  Vennela was award a Merit Award at the event for her invention.

Vennela was guided through the patent process by Don Boys, President of Central Coast Patent Agency – a full-service Patent Law firm – and California Invention Convention Board member.  Many thanks to Don – and big Congratulations for Venella for her hard work on her invention and being awarded a Patent.