We had 150 young inventors from all around our state participate this year.  Because of the impact of the coronavirus, we had to hold the event virtually.  Our inventors soldiered on – in spite of difficulties of closed schools, social distancing with team partner, sometimes working without any materials as the materials were at the school.  The students are arranged alphabetically by school with grade levels listed next to their names.  To find the school, click on the school name on the right.

Note that next month,  all participants will be receiving by delivery (to the address entered during registration) a 2020 California Invention Convention T-shirt courtesy of Maxim Integrated.  Our deepest thanks to them!!

Additionally, we will be emailing a printable certificate of participation to everyone. The email will go to the email address entered at registration

Alianza Charter School – Watsonville
Javier Cabajal-Vega 8 Puddle Purifier
Nicolas Escobar Greatorex 7 ABFF (Attachable Basket For Fan)
Isabel Lobato Vicencio 8 Turkey Scarecrow
Mariana Lobato Vicencio 8 Turkey Scarecrow
Mateo Rodriguez 8 Puddle Purifier
Valentina Russell 8 Mud Shredder 360
Azevada School – Fremont
Shrey Karmacharya 3 Underwater Trash Collector
Bradley Elementary – Watsonville
Tabitha Bane 5 Kid of the Mountain (KOM)
Mark Kristien Bayog 5 The Cook Cam
Sofia Espinoza 6 EZ Dispense
Jane Parry 4 Wearable Water Bottle
Austin Pieracci 3 Tortoise Box
Elliott Roth-Bensusan 5 The Cook Cam
Brook Knoll Elementary – Santa Cruz
Benjamin Acton 5 The New Chain Gang
Nicholas Acton 5 The New Chain Gang
Yusef Ahwal 5 T.W.B.S.U (The Water Bottle Stander Upper)
Hunter Denworth 4 Insta-Fill
Taylor Ericson 5 Huggable Inhaler
Gianna Fanara 5 The PasteBrush
Aidyn Hix 5 Skizup
Jacob Leonard 5 Drop-Shirt Hanger
Saylor Menna 5 Huggable Inhaler
Isaiah Timmer 4 BeachComber 2020
Burbank Boulevard Elementary Gifted Global Learning Magnet – Valley Village
Isaac Campos Hernandez 3 The Feeder Express
Finn Cooper 4 Sunscreen Roller 2.0
Samuel Navarro 4 Clever Clover Pan
Gabriella Perez 2 Home Tweet Home
Castlebay Lane Charter Elementary – Porter Ranch
Alexander Andonian 4 Jacket-Choo
Christian Bedrossian 4 Jacket-Choo
Grace Ganzel 2 Plush Buddy Bucket
Mason Jackson 2 Squish Styx
Nicole Khachatourians 5 PhoneSafe
Jadeyn Kim 3 Trashfly-proof
Nic Lee 2 The Spoon Buddy
Siya Malaviya 3 The Green Grocery Shopping Bag
Frank Pellegrini 2 Sneaker Seeker
Ethan Ronning 4 The Aid Stick
Katerina Shalygin 5 Mint Memory Water
Aaron Wu 3 Marvel Cosmic Avengers Board Game
Ceiba College Preparatory Academy – Watsonville
Javier Aldaco-De Los Santos 6 Immune Gummies 2.0 Kit
Jazlynn Banuelos-Leonor 6 Grocery Helper
Isabella Davalos 6 Connectible Glasses
Sienna Encizo 6 The Relaxation Shed
Disan Fernandez 6 ABRF
Tomas Gomez 6 GEAR5
Magdalena Hernandez 6 Pixel The Robot
Carimey Maldonado 6 Robo Can
Aiden Osorio 6 Xmat
Yaire Rocha-Rocha 6 The Double Bubble Magic Gloves
Laila Rubalcava 6 Perfect Pointe
Alexandra Sanchez-Cabrera 6 The Debris Destroyer
Jayson Ybarra 6 Sleats
(Joshua) Chadbourne Elementary
Leina Ikeda 4 Weik Up!
Alyssa Liu 4 Paintbrush Paradise
Michael Qin 4 Mr. Grabber – Fill Your Belly With A Juicy Fruit
Kashvi Rajam 4 Fun – 2 – Sch
Yash Shekhawat 4 Fruit Saver
Taylor Thompson 4 The Core  More
Kriyash Tirunahari 4 Solar goer
Dan O. Root Health Wellness Academy – Suisun City
Joshua Carwile 4 H2olster
Christian Cooke 6 Blaze Bunker
Ayden Cordero 4 Doggy UnderBite Helper
Jeweliana Lemaire 4 Wheelchair foot safety
Brooklyn Talbot 4 Pitching Target 54
Ayden Visda 4 Dialysis App
Samantha Vodden 4 JackPack
Dougherty Valley High School – San Ramon
Jyothikaa Ramann 10 The Posture Genie: “Better Posture, One Buzz at a Time”
Fred T. Koramatsu Middle School – El Cerrito
Neel Chandran 8 Bamboo Racer
Chaitanya Dandekar 8 PortaDry – The Portable Dryer That Uses Zero Electricity
Claire Diaco 8 PortaDry – The Portable Dryer That Uses Zero Electricity
Drake Fillingim 8 Soteria’s Guard
Shaymus Tindol 8 Soteria’s Guard
Jack Steinberg 8 Bamboo Racer
Gateway School – Santa Cruz
Piper Garrett 5 Solo Soccer Touch Trainer
Nate Jones 5 Produce Protector
Kate Reynolds 5 Windmill on Wheels
Milo Woodruff 5 Produce Protector
Gomes Elementary – Fremont
Shreya Chatwani 6 Doggo-on-the-Go!
Pavith Khara 6 Portable Musical Drawer
Connie Li 6 Doggo-on-the-Go!
Anaisha Makode 6 Handy Holder
Scarlett Massengale 6 Handy Holder
Richard Wan 6 Portable Musical Drawer
Hall District Elementary – Watsonville
Isabel Aleman 5 The Shoe Dryer 2020
Hector Cruz Hernandez 5 The Trapper 30000
Carlos Daza 5 Light Fighter
Pedro Juarez 5 The Super Phone Holder
David Morales Rodriguez 5 R. Water
Baltazar Navarrete 5 The Trapper 30000
Brianna Vanegas 5 Bully Alert
"Kids Inventing Their Future"