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Sixteen  inventors from The California Invention Convention attended the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) in June 2018 — and we hope to be able to send 30 students to NICEE at the end of May 2019.

Our winners designed and built inventions ranging from The Assistant Coach (which using wireless and waterproof technology allows a coach to communicate directly with an athlete during practice) to Parkinson’s Music Therapy (an app that eases Parkinson tremors using music). Read about the 2018 winners and their inventions.

We are hoping to send even more young inventors to NICEE at  The Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI May 29-31st. 2019 to compete with other student inventors from around the nation.

Won’t you sponsor a young  California inventor to NICEE?

The National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) (sponsored by the STEMIE Coalition and The Henry Ford) provides an unprecedented opportunity for young inventors to be acknowledged and rewarded for their innovative thinking. Unfortunately, our schools struggle with the resources to send their brightest inventors to Michigan to compete at NICEE.  It is a long and expensive trip from California to the NICEE event at The Henry Ford

To help the nation’s most deserving, underserved inventors, the STEMIE Coalition has created the IPower program for all their affiliates to use,  partnering with the Intellectual Property Legal Industry to help send these kids to the National event. The IP Legal Industry bases itself in invention, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, and is a perfect partner for The STEMIE Coalition.

“It’s not too often that our law firm is asked to help sponsor a program that is so well aligned to our corporate interests,” says Mike Cantor, founder of Cantor Colburn LLP, a top 10 IP U.S. law firm. “Helping these kids understand intellectual property concepts, and help them learn how to invent the future of America, puts us on a path that helps keep America at the forefront of ingenuity and towards feeding a robust and growing IP industry moving forward.”

The STEMIE Coalition has created three different levels designed to maximize the effect a small donation can make in the life of a young inventor – 100% of IPower funds go directly to young inventors and their chaperones.*  Furthermore, you can choose the state you wish to support – all funds go directly to California Invention Convention programs! Sign up here

"Kids Inventing Their Future"