2018 Invention Convention Inventors

Young inventors from Grades 2-8 came to Maxim Integrated in San Jose on April 14, 2018 from throughout the state of California. They were nominated to attend this state convention by their teachers and classmates Рand they came to present their inventions, display their creative and practical solutions to real-life problems, and to be celebrated for their achievements.  We are so proud of each and every one of these young inventors.  The future is in good hands!

Akash Abburi 5 Schedule non-smart watch
Miriam Abonce 4 The Book The Let
Maximus Aceves 4 The Rebound Buddy
Mateo Adolfo 5 Sand Shoe
Javier Aldaco De Los Santos 4 ROLLEYS
Pantera Arreola 4 Waste It Rite
Jordan Asche 3 entertainment bib
Kevin Baskerville 5 Super School Security Desk
Vincent Bautista 7 Reduced, Reused, Recycled Night Light
Micah Bentzley 3 Tee Ball Tornado
Ryan Biggee 5 The Kid Finder 3000
Kaelani Bobo 4 Chair Backscratcher
Keith Brockington 6 Glow Net
Alissa Brunette 6 Glo Pro
Aiden Buffa 4 The Curb Hopper
Elias Cavanagh 6 Bin Brake
Gabriel Cedeno 4 Frolley the Food Trolley
Kunal Chattopadhyay 4 Bright Smiles
Aaron Chen 4 Rebounder 1000
Jaden Cheung 4 Fresh Mesh 9000
Chelsea Clayton 5 Crutch Clip
Christian Cooke 4 WAZ0 BALL
Alexander Cross 4 The Skaterrack
Peyton Dagle 7 Non-slip Silicone Bareback Pad
Samuel Delgadillo 5 E-Z open
Sofia Demianets 5 Water Saver 3000
Elmer Escobar Martinez 5 The Kid Proof Protector
Aiden Espinosa 4 The Sockanizer
Nathan Flores 5 Feel N Fret Guitar
Zaida Garcia 5 Head Band Holder
Daniel Go 4 Fresh Mesh 9000
Julius Gonzales 5 Solar powered dog feeder
Julio Gonzalez 4 Rug Burn Protectors
Gabriella Gonzalez 5 Furr Mama Simulator
Danny Gonzalez 5 Heat Seat
Annie Gowing 6 Handy Hook
Jonah Guyer 4 Drip Cloth
Natalya Hammond 6 Magic Nail Polish Remover
Julian Harre 4 The Cool School Chair
Cy Harris 6 SmartBump
Tyler Harway 5 Window 360
Alina Hays 4 Be A Friend Bracelet
Quincy Heady 3 Fruit Picker
Jackson Hinrichs 6 The Everything Eraser
Adayah Holly 4 Squeeky Krawlers
Bryce Hoops 4 Tubular Composter
Holly Jacobs 6 Glo Pro
Charles Janes 2 Lego Sorter of 2018
Ava Jaurigi 4 The Dry Ride
Darioush Johnson 4 Cleat Cleaner
Saifra Kashif 5 Sloucho
Reilly Kerko 5 Window 360
Tyler Kilby 4 Inferno
Joey King 4 Little Lock
Sophia Kowalski 4 Trash Can Decelerator
Jingjing Liang 4 Pop stop
Hector Lopez 5 The Broomuster
Jose Lopez 5 The Non-Flung Bottle Holder
Ethan Magno 4 Easy Lift
Ananya Mahadi 5 Vegscent
Morganne Malloy 8 Assistant Coach
Brady Mann 4 The Lift Lid Deluxe 1
Caleb Marchessault 5 Super School Security Desk
Ahmi Martin 4 SlipperLights
Ryder Martin 5 CODS
Melissa Martinez 4 Barkinator
Arie Shae McNeil 5 The “No-Splatter” Yogurt Spoon
Aden Mead 5 PMT
Wendy Melgoza 5 The Freeze-Aut-Matic
Benjamin Miller 5 Ben’s Shovel
Patrick Miller-Brown 5 Tree on Wheels
Emma Montano 5 Pillow Stop
Juliana Montes-Lopez 4 Kick the Germs
Advaith Mopuri 4 Wake6
Theodore Mui 4 Rebounder 1000
Arthur Murray 4 Rug Burn Protectors
Margaret Nasry 6 Zipper Tipper Lotion Bottle
David Nathan-Funk 4 PET WASHING SYSTEM
Anson Ng 4 Solar To-Go
Taran Nulu 4 Super Bookmark
Nicole Orlando 5 Crutch Clip
Melissa Ortiz 5 The Non-Hit Wall Pillow
Rocklin Paco 3 Visor Wiper
Deia Peterson 3 Kitten-Safe Gloves
Adrian Ramirez 5 Quick Lace
Diego Ramirez-Sedano 5 Electro 2007
Mason Ray 6 Bin Brake
Sadie Richardson 5 CODS
Evan Rosales 5 PV Walk
Mason Royle 7 Pop-Up Cat Bed
Leilah Salgado 4 Save Water While Waiting
Desi Salinas-Holz 4 Multi Function Back Spreader
Eduardo Sandoval Manzo 4 The Fbinder
Lorenzo Sarayba 7 Head Shot
Oriana Schroeder 5 The 3 R Bag Dryer
Avery Schromm 4 Reduce the Carbon Garden
Timothy Scott 6 Solar Saver
Arsh Shah 4 Wake6
Jayden Siao 4 The P-Shirt
Abraham Siegel 6 The Everything Eraser
Josiah Siqueiros 4 Chore Helper 5000
Grace Sriprathum 4 Tidy Tides
Sofia Staricka 6 Sting Stunter
Kristie Stott 4 Comfy Helpful Puffballs
Zainab Syeda 4 Triple U Book
Tyler Thomas 4 Bonezzz…
Erica Tjandrasuwita 5 The Repeller
Mateo Torres 5 Hearing Buddy
Kalden Tsering 4 The Cool School Chair
Kai Vargas 3 Compostable Condiments
Zoe Vargas 3 Color Me Clean
Pedro Vazquez-Zendejas 4 The Safe Chair
Eida Vega-Lopez 5 The Net Magnet
Ulysses Velasco 5  Amazing Head warmer 2018
Jacob Verde 7 Head Shot
Hailey Vicar 5 Sink to Garden H2O
Ricardo Vidal 4 Homework Homeroom
Cooper Walz 3 Perfect Pitch Trainer 2000
Oliver Willet 4 Compact Computer Case
Jayson Ybarra 4 The Lego Organizer
Joy Ye 4 Pop stop
Lillia Young 5 Book Teller
Alina Zendejas 4 Double Socket
Camila Zenteno-Ramos 5 My Hope Pillow
Stephano Zermeno 4 Homework Homeroom
Lucas Zhang 4 The Time Management Robot
Alice (Wanru) Zhao 4 Tidy Tides
Emma Zhou 4 Triple U Book
Yue Zhu 5 Solar panel lunch box
"Kids Inventing Their Future"