2018 Invention Convention Inventors

Young inventors from Grades 2-8 came to Maxim Integrated in San Jose on April 14, 2018 from throughout the state of California. They were nominated to attend this state convention by their teachers and classmates – and they came to present their inventions, display their creative and practical solutions to real-life problems, and to be celebrated for their achievements.  We are so proud of each and every one of these young inventors.  The future is in good hands!

Akash Abburi 5 Schedule non-smart watch
Miriam Abonce 4 The Book The Let
Maximus Aceves 4 The Rebound Buddy
Mateo Adolfo 5 Sand Shoe
Javier Aldaco De Los Santos 4 ROLLEYS
Pantera Arreola 4 Waste It Rite
Jordan Asche 3 entertainment bib
Kevin Baskerville 5 Super School Security Desk
Vincent Bautista 7 Reduced, Reused, Recycled Night Light
Micah Bentzley 3 Tee Ball Tornado
Ryan Biggee 5 The Kid Finder 3000
Kaelani Bobo 4 Chair Backscratcher
Keith Brockington 6 Glow Net
Alissa Brunette 6 Glo Pro
Aiden Buffa 4 The Curb Hopper
Elias Cavanagh 6 Bin Brake
Gabriel Cedeno 4 Frolley the Food Trolley
Kunal Chattopadhyay 4 Bright Smiles
Aaron Chen 4 Rebounder 1000
Jaden Cheung 4 Fresh Mesh 9000
Chelsea Clayton 5 Crutch Clip
Christian Cooke 4 WAZ0 BALL
Alexander Cross 4 The Skaterrack
Peyton Dagle 7 Non-slip Silicone Bareback Pad
Samuel Delgadillo 5 E-Z open
Sofia Demianets 5 Water Saver 3000
Elmer Escobar Martinez 5 The Kid Proof Protector
Aiden Espinosa 4 The Sockanizer
Nathan Flores 5 Feel N Fret Guitar
Zaida Garcia 5 Head Band Holder
Daniel Go 4 Fresh Mesh 9000
Julius Gonzales 5 Solar powered dog feeder
Julio Gonzalez 4 Rug Burn Protectors
Gabriella Gonzalez 5 Furr Mama Simulator
Danny Gonzalez 5 Heat Seat
Annie Gowing 6 Handy Hook
Jonah Guyer 4 Drip Cloth
Natalya Hammond 6 Magic Nail Polish Remover
Julian Harre 4 The Cool School Chair
Cy Harris 6 SmartBump
Tyler Harway 5 Window 360
Alina Hays 4 Be A Friend Bracelet
Quincy Heady 3 Fruit Picker
Jackson Hinrichs 6 The Everything Eraser
Adayah Holly 4 Squeeky Krawlers
Bryce Hoops 4 Tubular Composter
Holly Jacobs 6 Glo Pro
Charles Janes 2 Lego Sorter of 2018
Ava Jaurigi 4 The Dry Ride
Darioush Johnson 4 Cleat Cleaner
Saifra Kashif 5 Sloucho
Reilly Kerko 5 Window 360
Tyler Kilby 4 Inferno
Joey King 4 Little Lock
Sophia Kowalski 4 Trash Can Decelerator
Jingjing Liang 4 Pop stop
Hector Lopez 5 The Broomuster
Jose Lopez 5 The Non-Flung Bottle Holder
Ethan Magno 4 Easy Lift
Ananya Mahadi 5 Vegscent
Morganne Malloy 8 Assistant Coach
Brady Mann 4 The Lift Lid Deluxe 1
Caleb Marchessault 5 Super School Security Desk
Ahmi Martin 4 SlipperLights
Ryder Martin 5 CODS
Melissa Martinez 4 Barkinator
Arie Shae McNeil 5 The “No-Splatter” Yogurt Spoon
Aden Mead 5 PMT
Wendy Melgoza 5 The Freeze-Aut-Matic
Benjamin Miller 5 Ben’s Shovel
Patrick Miller-Brown 5 Tree on Wheels
Emma Montano 5 Pillow Stop
Juliana Montes-Lopez 4 Kick the Germs
Advaith Mopuri 4 Wake6
Theodore Mui 4 Rebounder 1000
Arthur Murray 4 Rug Burn Protectors
Margaret Nasry 6 Zipper Tipper Lotion Bottle
David Nathan-Funk 4 PET WASHING SYSTEM
Anson Ng 4 Solar To-Go
Taran Nulu 4 Super Bookmark
Nicole Orlando 5 Crutch Clip
Melissa Ortiz 5 The Non-Hit Wall Pillow
Rocklin Paco 3 Visor Wiper
Deia Peterson 3 Kitten-Safe Gloves
Adrian Ramirez 5 Quick Lace
Diego Ramirez-Sedano 5 Electro 2007
Mason Ray 6 Bin Brake
Sadie Richardson 5 CODS
Evan Rosales 5 PV Walk
Mason Royle 7 Pop-Up Cat Bed
Leilah Salgado 4 Save Water While Waiting
Desi Salinas-Holz 4 Multi Function Back Spreader
Eduardo Sandoval Manzo 4 The Fbinder
Lorenzo Sarayba 7 Head Shot
Oriana Schroeder 5 The 3 R Bag Dryer
Avery Schromm 4 Reduce the Carbon Garden
Timothy Scott 6 Solar Saver
Arsh Shah 4 Wake6
Jayden Siao 4 The P-Shirt
Abraham Siegel 6 The Everything Eraser
Josiah Siqueiros 4 Chore Helper 5000
Grace Sriprathum 4 Tidy Tides
Sofia Staricka 6 Sting Stunter
Kristie Stott 4 Comfy Helpful Puffballs
Zainab Syeda 4 Triple U Book
Tyler Thomas 4 Bonezzz…
Erica Tjandrasuwita 5 The Repeller
Mateo Torres 5 Hearing Buddy
Kalden Tsering 4 The Cool School Chair
Kai Vargas 3 Compostable Condiments
Zoe Vargas 3 Color Me Clean
Pedro Vazquez-Zendejas 4 The Safe Chair
Eida Vega-Lopez 5 The Net Magnet
Ulysses Velasco 5  Amazing Head warmer 2018
Jacob Verde 7 Head Shot
Hailey Vicar 5 Sink to Garden H2O
Ricardo Vidal 4 Homework Homeroom
Cooper Walz 3 Perfect Pitch Trainer 2000
Oliver Willet 4 Compact Computer Case
Jayson Ybarra 4 The Lego Organizer
Joy Ye 4 Pop stop
Lillia Young 5 Book Teller
Alina Zendejas 4 Double Socket
Camila Zenteno-Ramos 5 My Hope Pillow
Stephano Zermeno 4 Homework Homeroom
Lucas Zhang 4 The Time Management Robot
Alice (Wanru) Zhao 4 Tidy Tides
Emma Zhou 4 Triple U Book
Yue Zhu 5 Solar panel lunch box
"Kids Inventing Their Future"