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Professional Development Sessions Available Via Zoom

Bring this exciting project-based program to your school.  This program enhances students’ creative problem solving and critical thinking skills through invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The following 2-hour sessions are scheduled for educators  in California,  Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

  • Tuesday, November 9, 2021 4pm-6pm EST (MA & CT only)
  • Thursday, December 9, 2021 7pm-9pmEST; 4PM-6PM PST
  • Wednesday, January 12, 2022 7pm-9pm EST; 4pm-6pm PST

Click here for more details, including session objectives and highlights – as well as  the links for registering for these fee-waived  sessions.

Schedule Announced for 2022 California Invention Convention

We will add details as they are finalized.  Find the schedule here.

Congratulations to California Invention Convention Winners at the Global Invention Convention

Six winners from the California Invention Convention were selected at the 2021 Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention U.S. Nationals on June 24, 2021 to attend the Global Invention Convention which was held on Friday evening, August 20, 2021.  The selected participants from Califonia included Anish Bhethanabotla, Ava Gunther, the team of Christopher and Nicholas Kwok, and Zander Ross.  Read more about these young inventors.  Selection for participation in this prestigious event – which includes competition with 180 young inventors from all over the world  – is a quite an acknowlegement of the creativity and value of their inventions.. We are so proud of all of them!

A special congratulations to Zander Ross who won 1st prize for grades 3-5 and to Christopher and Nicholas Kwok who won 1st prize for grades 9-10. These young people have reached the highest level of recognition in the world of Invention Conventions!!

California Invention Convention Winners at the National Invention Convention.

On Thursday, June 24th, winners were announced for the 2021 Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention U.S. Nationals.  Several Calfornia inventors were recognized.  Read about them here.

2021 California Invention Convention & Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all the inventors participating in the 2021 California Invention Convention!!  Each participant brought their inspiration and passion and hard work — and our judges were so impressed.  And if you missed the awards ceremony or would like to view it again, here is the YouTube link.  The video is 40 minutes and was produced for us by our Premier Sponsor, Maxim 

We want to thank our Premier Sponsor Maxim Integrated for their continued support as well as all the other sponsors and our online judges. They made this event possible.  Click here for the list of participants and their inventions.  Here are all  award winners and their inventions.

  The California Invention Convention envisions a day when EVERY child in California has the chance to follow his/her natural curiosity, invent creative solutions to problems, and be inspired to achieve his/her highest level of personal accomplishment. Through these efforts, California’s future will be brighter and its workforce more capable and productive.
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