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Congratulations to our 4 winners at the Americas 2023 Invention Convention!!

Read all about them here.  To see the full list of winners and view the award ceremony, check out the America’s 2023 website

2023 California Invention Convention

Our 2023 California Invention Convention is completed for this year.  Our congratulations to each and every student who was invited to participate – you are the best of the best!  And congratulations to those students and inventions that were recognized for special achievement.  Our deepest thanks to our judges who gave of their time and their thoughtful input to make sure each entry was carefully reviewed.  We also want to call out a special thanks to the teachers, program leaders and parents who inspired and encouraged these young inventions And to all our Sponsors for our event – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Click here to read about all the participants and winners at this year’s California Invention Convention.

The Awards Ceremony was broadcast on May 5, 2023.  The event was recorded and you can view the 1 hour Awards Ceremony here.

Our thanks to Analog Devices for their sponsorship and for making the Awards Ceremony possible. We are so grateful to them!

2023 Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention U.S. Nationals

Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention U.S. Nationals is hosted annually at The Henry Ford and showcases student inventors from among thousands who compete at state and local invention competitions. Seventy-four (74) California Invention Convention participants attended this event June 7-9.  There were several winners in a variety of categories.  Read all about it here.

Americas 2023 Presented by Raytheon Technologies

Invention Convention Americas is the culminating program for top young inventors from National programs in Mexico and The United States. At Americas, selected finalists from these programs are brought together virtually to continue their invention journey by meeting other inventors and competing for awards and cash prizes. Read about inventors from the California Invention Convention invited to participate.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Two California trainings announced

The California Invention Convention,   in conjunction with Lemelson MIT,  Cambridge Massachusetts  is one of the premier invention education programs in the state of California!  We are thrilled to offering two Professional Development trainings this fall that will train teachers to help students;

  • Explore problems based on their own life experiences
  • Develop real inventions and market-worthy business innovations
  • Present to real-world audiences
  • Utilize the Engineering and Design Cycle in their daily lives

Come take part in the invention of skill-building activities that make up our flexible curriculum – 

The CAIC/Lemelson MIT program has helped thousands of students and educators learn to invent through a creative, transdisciplinary problem-solving approach known as invention education, helping students of all backgrounds develop interest, confidence and capabilities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  This program is excellent for all students, and can be delivered through any educational discipline.  

Schools are encouraged to send teams of teachers from their sites. We will teach you how to hold an Invention Convention in your classroom, or at your site or at your district.  This training is for folks new to invention education, or those who would like an opportunity to reinforce what you are already doing.  Any questions, contact


September 30, 2023 Training – Location: Santa Cruz:

Calling all teachers in Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County and beyond!  Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.   Details for Santa Cruz training including registration links.

October 23, 2023 – Location: Modesto

Calling teachers and after school leaders from Modesto, Stockton, Lodi and surrounding areas as well as the Sacramento area. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.  Details for Modesto Training including registration links.

Stay Engaged with Invention Adventures Workshops from Lemelson MIT




 The California Invention Convention envisions a day when EVERY child in California has the chance to follow his/her natural curiosity, invent creative solutions to problems, and be inspired to achieve his/her highest level of personal accomplishment. Through these efforts, California’s future will be brighter and its workforce more capable and productive.

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