2024 Merit Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Merit Award winners and their winning inventions. This award is given to students in each grade level whose inventions are deemed by the judges to be exemplary for the grade and age level.  Each student will receive a Merit Award ribbon just like those pictured above as well as a set of Inventor Trading Cards provided by the Silicon Valley US Patent OfficeMany thanks to them!

Inventors are listed alphabetically by Invention within grade.

Inventor Grade School Invention
Jos Tegebo 2 Bradley Elementary Camo Collar
Bobby Wall 2 Bradley Elementary Comfort Recovery
Nysa Chhajed 3 Parkmont Elementary Classroom Paper Passer
Dhruv Garikapati 3 Parkmont Elementary Plant Care
Isla Rivera 3 Bradley Elementary Light Up Umbrella
Nova Almand 4 Watsonville Charter School of the Arts PAWS OFF! Pencil
Amelia Andrade 4 Fremont Open Plan DisPLAY Desk
Riya Srivats 4 Harvey Green Elementary Library Navigator 1.0
Isabel Bassmann 5 Bradley Elementary Kernel Katcher
Madison Moules 5 Bradley Elementary Kernel Katcher
Eligh Oeun 5 John Muir Elementary Ecosaver
Sol  Adams 6 Alternative Family Education Household Biogas Digester
Avielle Cynor 6 Lawrence E. Jones Middle School The Laundry Buddy
Rishab Srivats 6 John M. Horner Middle Radio De-Interruptor 3.0
Randy Torres 6 Ceiba College Preparatory Academy The Cologne/Perfume Finder
Rosie Weese 6 Lawrence E. Jones Middle School The Laundry Buddy
Chloe Degroot 7 Weed Union Elementary Inch Pinch
Avah Evans 7 Weed Union Elementary Reading N Color
Koji Tsugawa 7 Alternative Family Education Household Biogas Digester
Ashwath Ram 8 Basis Independent Silicon Valley The ROCKing Solution for Eutrophication
Ayan Bera 9 Mission San Jose High School ThermaSun:  Novel Day  Night Thermal  Solar Clean Energy Harvesting Device in Automobiles with Wireless Connection
Shaunak Jog 10 American High School Study Buddy
Shirz Zahoori 10 Campolindo Highschool GetBackUp: Smart T-shirt for back care and posture control
Anish Bhethanabotla 11 Lynbrook High MediCure –  Early Detection of disease using Machine Learning
Karthik Subramanian 11 American High School NovaQuest: Harnessing Machine Learning for Supernovae Classification
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