2024 Northern & Central California Invention Convention Results

So much to celebrate this year!  We have grown to 2 state events.  At our first ever Northern & Central California Invention Convention,  130 young inventors from 28 schools came to the California State Railroad Museum to present to the judges and see each other’s inventions.  Check out the list of participantand their inventions.

Our deepest thanks to our Premier Sponsors California State Railroad Museum Foundation  and the California State Railroad Museum who opened their fabulous museum to our inventors and their families. It was a fantastic location for our convention — and everyone was so impressed.

The Awards Ceremony was broadcast on April 19th.   If you missed the awards ceremony or would like to view it again, here is the link.  The Video is 40  minutes.

The  top awards are the Analog Devices Best in ShowCentral Coast Patent Agency Most Marketable Invention, and The Eagan Family Foundation Most Innovative Invention,   The Big Thinker Award  and The Maksumov Award for Girls Inventing  the Future.   This year, we have added a new award – the Bill Marlin/ Robert Gessler Award for Teamwork.  Read about our top award winners here.

The Merit Awards (click here for names and inventions) went to those inventors within each grade whose inventions showed great promise and effort.

The Industry Focus Awards (click here for names and inventions) honored one invention within each of 12 Industry categories.

These inventors (click here for names and inventions) are invited to participate in the National Invention Convention  sponsored by The Henry Ford on June 5-7, 2024 in Dearborn, MI.

"Kids Inventing Their Future"