How is this different from other Engineering and Science Programs?

  • Each student determines the problem he wants to solve based on issues experienced in his own life,  or issues within the family, or the wider community
  • Solution is a real-world, practical invention of their own design created using the principles taught in the Invention Convention Curriculum.
  • Read about the impact of Invention Education here.

What will this cost my school?

Currently, schools are not being charged for the Invention Convention Curriculum and materials..  We do ask that teachers and program leaders attend our Professional Development which is available at a nominal fee for each teacher.  We do not charge students to attend the state level California Invention Conventions.

Why have I never heard of California Invention Convention?

This is a fairly new initiative here in California. Starting with the 2016 school year, we began our Pilot Project – with over 12 schools participating in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County, and over 400 students going through the program.  We held our first state-wide Invention Convention in April 2017.  Since then, we have held a state wide California Invention Convention every year in April.  In 2023, over 22,000  students went through the program in their schools and after school programs.   In order to allow for more student participation at the state level, in 2024 we decided to have two state-level events — one for Southern California and another for Northern / Central California  — with a total of over 600 young inventors attending. Check out what our inventors created in 2023.

is this program happening elsewhere?

The Connecticut Invention Convention has been doing this program for 40 plus years.  In 2016, The STEMIE Coalition created a network of local state Invention Convention programs (including the California Invention Convention) and then 2018  partnered with  The Henry Ford – who became the major sponsor and presenter of the US National Invention Convention.  Under the guidance of the The Henry Ford, the coalition has grown to a set of  Worldwide affiliates – representing four international countries, and 22 state and regional programs in the US. The purpose of the Global initiative is to  elevate STEMIE education through competitions, events and a flexible, project-based curriculum aligned to education standards.

My school already has Invention Education.  Can we participate in California Invention Convention (and National Convention)?

Yes you can!  There are some criteria around inventions that every inventor must follow – but if those criteria are met, the more the merrier. Students must first attend the state Convention and then selected students are invited to the National Convention. Contact us so we can discuss it further.

"Kids Inventing Their Future"