Invention Convention Worldwide

Invention Convention Worldwide is powered by a coalition of global affiliates who elevate STEMIE (STEM + Invention + Entrepreneurship)  education through competitions, events and a flexible, project-based curriculum aligned to education standards. The Invention Convention Coalition affiliates – including the California Invention Convention – share a vision of a world in which all learners have access to innovation, invention, and entrepreneurial learning to gain the confidence and skills to control their own destiny. Each year, this vision takes center stage at the Invention Convention U.S. Nationals event at The Henry Ford, which showcases the winners from among thousands of young people who compete at the state and local levels.

Currently, National Invention Convention events are also held in Mexico, Singapore and China

Invention Convention Globals event follows the Nationals event and is currently comprised of selected finalists from participating Nationals programs in the United States, Mexico, Singapore and China. Invention Convention Globals participation is by invitation only. To participate, K-12 students are required to submit a video presentation of their invention, a prototype, an inventor’s logbook showing the journey of their invention process and a poster board highlighting key points of the invention process.

Among the various science fairs and invention initiatives, Invention Convention Worldwide stands out. Any child can participate. Over half of the participants at the national level are girls — a proportion virtually without precedent in the STEM education world. Students themselves choose the problems they set out to solve. Beyond that, the Invention Convention encourages lively exchanges and collaboration. At the same time, the Invention Convention’s global community of affiliates and supporters keep each other informed about new insights and breaking developments.

After hosting the Michigan Invention Convention and the National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo in 2018, The Henry Ford took on a leadership role to provide momentum to the Invention Education movement. Today, The Henry Ford is positioning Invention Convention Worldwide as the go-to global community for firsthand experiences that ignite the spark of innovation, invention and entrepreneurship in young people.

The Invention Convention started with learners, educators and their supporters from universities and K-12 school systems, museums, local governments and private enterprise. Building on this strong foundation, the Invention Convention Coalition has entered into conversations with prospective affiliates from across the world while continuing to build an even broader, deeper and more engaged community nationwide

"Kids Inventing Their Future"