Interested in Invention Education in Your Classroom? – Listen to these young inventors talk about the impact of Invention Education

And sit back with a cup of coffee to hear teachers and students from Fremont discuss the California Invention Convention and the students’ inventions on a local TV show.


We have lots of resources for educators —  including curricular resources, videos, professional development training, ideas, materials, mentors. Much of this becomes available to you when you let us know that you are interested in having either your school or classroom participate.  Just contact us.

What does it take to bring the program to my classroom / school?

  • Plan the implementation and register with us
  • Go to the Professional Development training
  • Engage your parents and students
  • Teach the curriculum and guide the inventors
  • Hold a local Invention Convention to celebrate all the inventors
  • Select students to attend the California Invention Convention (CAIC) which is held in April.
  • Top inventions from the California Invention Convention are invited to attend the National Invention Convention at the The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mi held at the end of May, early June.


Why Should You Include Invention Education in your School?

The California Invention Convention builds standards-based inquiry skills in students K-12 by introducing and leading them through the creation of their own invention to solve a problem of their own choosing

This Invention Education is:

  • Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and each educational unit  “covers the standards” effortlessly and naturally.
  • STEM Integrated – Linked with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as English, economics, sociology, presentation skills, information technology, art, marketing, and much more.
  • Differentiated Education – Accommodates different student needs and learning styles.
  • Founded on Higher Order Thinking Skills – Problem-defining and problem-solving techniques are taught and utilized.
  • 21st Century Skills Related – Age appropriate links to personal growth, learning paths, and global issue

Learn about California Invention Convention.

"Kids Inventing Their Future"