Young Inventors Participating in the 2017 California Invention Convention

Avery Amsden 5 Seafoam Dream
Noah Barragan-Sanchez 5 Sweep Bot
Chloe Cabrera 4 My Helpful Trash Truck
Mateo Calfee 5 The Super Strong Sharpener 1.0
Mitchell Carlon 4 The Protecto 500
Madison Carter 5 Magnetic Movement
Neo Ciotti 4 The Card Carrier
Hunter Coomes 4 Double Dexterity Helper (DD-H)
Sam Crane 5 Anti-Spice Spray
Alex Cross 3 Alex’s Amazing Organizer
Samuel Delgadillo 4 Foot Sling
Ben Duarte 5 T.N.T (Treat N Tube)
Katie Gieseke 5 Chair Buddy
Ramon Gimeno-Herrera 4 Hands free drawing board
Julius Gonzales 4 The Automatic Plant Watering System
Evan Gutierrez Rosales 4 The Prepare With Hair
Jonah Guyer 3 Safe Ladder
Sequoia Harpersberger 3 Doggie Umbrella
Cy Harris 5 Dog Pack Night Mat
Rachel Hoops 5 Trash B Gone
Tabitha Humble 5 Universal Fidget
Ailleen Jimenez 5 Genie Jig
Teagen Kuechle 3 Doggie Umbrella
Spencer Lane-Irby 4 The Seeds-to-Feed Drone
Katalyna Lopez 5 Lit movie theater chair
Ryder Martin 4 Icy Freeze
Ronja McArthur 5 The Radar Reflector
Nico Meisser 4 Barf Bag on the G0


Ben Miller 4 Ben’s Bag
Hennessy Mojarro-Marquez 4 Sleep Cart
Sahara Orozco 4 Gogglelution goggles
Munchie Price 5 Seafoam Dream
Keala Raatior 5 Camping And Pancake Spatula (C.A.P.S)
Mason Ray 5 Cleat Cleaner
Ava Root 5 No stains no spills coaster
Giana Rouse 3 Headache Sucker Pops
Aliyah Rubalcava 4 The Can Crusher
Desmond Ruwe 3 Dog-o-matic!
Oriana Schroeder 4 The Stove Minder
Avery Schromm 3 Oakey Dokey
Zachariah Schwab 5 Magnetray
Jonelle Scott 5 Headache Sucker Pops
Tim Scott 5 Solar Saver
Jack Skye 3 The Lazy Man’s Paper Catcher
Kaia Statsky 5 The Taconator 3000
Taly Strubing 4 Snife
Jordan Torres 5 Quick Cool
Chase Victory 4 The Fidget Widget
Noah Victory 4 Sponge Shoes
Andres Villegas 5 Andy’s Dry Shampoo
Mia Voorhees 4 The Cat Stopper
Oliver Willet 3 Safe Ladder
Jocelynn Ybarra 4 The Tri-Rific Back Scratcher
Lillia Young 4 The River Trash Trap
Camila Zenteno-Ramos 4 My Very Own Mobile Desk
"Kids Inventing Their Future"