2022 National Invention Convention Winners from California Invention Convention

The 2022 Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention U.S. Nationals were held June 1-3 at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, attended by hundreds of young inventors from Invention Education  programs from all across the United States. We are so proud of ALL the inventors from the California Invention Convention who earned an invitation to Nationals!  Their inventions demonstrate the best of creative thinking and practical follow-through and we congratulate them.

Eighty-four (84) inventors from the 2022 California Invention Convention were invited to the 2022 U.S. Nationals,  Unfortunately, due to dates conflicting with final exams, most of our high school inventors chose to take the exams instead of presenting their inventions at the event (and we applaud those choices!).  Only those who attend the Invention Convention Nationals in-person are eligible to be considered for any awards or to be invited to the Global event. However,  sixty-four (64) inventors representing the California Invention Convention were able to attend and they had an inspiring and fun time at the National event.

Some of our inventors attending Nationals earned awards– special Congratulations to these students!! In addition, five (5) of our inventors were invited to 2022 Invention Convention Globals presented by Pratt & Whitney – Kristopher Neil Bayog, Violet Cummings, Remi Martinez, Dylan Stillittano,  and Nathaniel Wellen. Winners at Globals will be announced August 21, 2022.

Grade Level Winners

2nd Grade: Quinn Nakasuji, Anza Elementary School in Torrance, for her invention Soccer with Socks (aka SOCKer). Soccer with Socks  helps solve the problem of kids not wanting to pick up their dirty socks. This  invention helps kids pick up dirty socks while also practicing soccer. Kids can put their own soccer ball into the velcro cover and then use the laundry hamper as a goal. Kids can kick the Soccer with Socks ball around and the socks will stick to the ball. The goal is to pick up as many socks as possible.

3rd Grade: Cala Watson, Mount Madonna School in Watsonville,  for her invention Feetch. Her mother’s heel hurts and she can’t walk around because she has plantar fasciitis. Feetch is a stretcher attached to your shoe so it is with you all the time and you can stretch wherever you are which helps to relieve the pain. It helps people with plantar fasciitis get a great stretch without taking off any shoes.


4th Grade: Risha Gupta, Towers Elementary School in Torrance, for her invention P.E.A.C.E (Portable Easy Automatic Compost Efficient). Risha noticed wet waste accumulating between trash pick-up and in her research learned that this organic waste goes into landfill, creating long term environmental problems.  If we all would take the step of composting and putting this waste back into nature or soil,  we would help earth in a very big way.  However, she also learned that  few people use processes like composting because of the time and effort involved.   So with P.E.A.C. E, she has tried to  make the manual process of composting automated so that more people can use it in a hassle free way and it can become a daily part of our lives.

4th Grade: Philip Ryu, Cornerstone School in Rancho Palos Verdes, for his invention I-Safe Bookmark.  People can harm their vision by spending too much time looking at screens or books without enough light. This invention will help prevent vision loss by reminding the user to use enough light and be at a proper distance while looking at a book or screen. Users can also keep track of their reading time to avoid excessive reading for each sitting. It helps people regain the habit of using proper lighting and posture while reading. This device will alert the user and train them to read safely.

5th Grade: Dylan Stillittano, Birney Elementary in Redondo Beach, for his invention Tasty IV Flush. The problem is people undergoing continuous IV treatments have to constantly have their IV line flushed with a saline solution. The saline solution when injected can be tasted by the patient and it tastes bad – which can impact how people react to treatment.  Tasty IV Flush is a flavored pellet that can be added to the saline solution to make it taste to the patient like they had a candy in their mouth during treatment instead of salty metal.  Dylan has been invited to present his invention at the 2022 Invention Convention Globals presented by Pratt & Whitney.

7th Grade: Nathaniel Wellen, Parra Middle School in Redondo Beach, for his invention The Dual-Handle Umbrella for Adult & Child. It is difficult for a parent and small child to 1) hold hands for safety, and 2) share an umbrella in the rain to stay dry. Often they find themselves fighting over who holds the umbrella, who stays dry, and how they hold hands. This invention provides a solution to both problems by providing an adjustable second handle for the child.  Nathaniel has been invited to present his invention at the 2022 Invention Convention Globals presented by Pratt & Whitney.



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