2019 California Invention Convention Results

Our 2019 California Invention Convention was a rousing success!!

This year, over 170 students from around the state of California, came together on April 13th, 2019 at Maxim Integrated in San Jose, to celebrate and be acknowledged for their practical creativity in solving problems.  The young inventors came from grades Kindergarten through 8th grades — representing 23 different schools. The problems ranged from those in the backyard (how to take care of the ongoing problem of cleaning up after your dog) to those that are global (how can we clean up the world’s oceans).  The creativity and empathy of these inventors inspires all of us who had the privilege of speaking with them and seeing their inventions first hand.

The inventors attending this state event were the top winners in their own school or grade invention conventions and were selected to attend the California Invention Convention.   From this group of creative inventors, our 80 judges were hard-pressed to choose the Merit Award winners,  the Industry Focus Award winners, as well as choose the 32  inventors that are invited to attend the 2019 National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (May 29-May 31) at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.

We will post pictures of the invention and the inventors as they become available.  The inventors of several of  inventions have supplied links to 4-minute videos of the inventor explaining the problem they wanted to solve — and how their invention solves it.  The links to these videos are included with the names of inventors.  Watch these videos and prepare to be impressed

Our thanks to Maxim Integrated for sponsoring our California Invention Convention.  Your commitment to this program and these young inventors inspires us !!

"Kids Inventing Their Future"