Industry Focus Awards

Inventions are categorized into one of 13 industry categories.  A winner is chosen in each category by independent Judges in their areas of interest and expertise.  If the category is supported by corporate or organizational sponsors, they choose the winner and provide an award. This year, we have two industry sponsors – Chevron for the Energy Award and California State Railroad Museum for the Transportation award.

As our convention grows, we are looking for more industry partners so that in time each category is sponsored by an organization or business that operates in that sector.  If you know of an organization that might be interested in being an industry sponsor, please contact us.

This year, Poly – the corporation that is the leader in video and voice solutions – is be awarding and mailing out to each our Industry Winners the Poly Stereo Gaming RIG300 Headset.  Big thanks to them for their generosity – and congratulations to the winners!


Agriculture (Food, Machinery, Tools), Pets, and Animal Care:
Isabel & Mariana Lobato Vicencio 8th Grade Alianza Charter School Turkey Scarecrow Our project is a scarecrow that scares turkeys away from backyards.
Consumer Goods and Fashion:
Yilin & Yiarn Shen 5th Grade Vallejo Mill Elementary Easy Take-Off Backpack The Easy Take-Off Backpack helps people who have a broken arm or have back/shoulder problems to take off their backpacks easily.
Earth and Geosciences:
Adrian Gonzalez 5th Grade St. Jeanne de Lestonnac Gluten-Free Edible Plates These Gluten-Free Edible plates are sure to stop dish washing and end pollution because you eat the plate instead of washing it.  Anyone is able to use this plate because it is Gluten-Free! The best part is you eat your plate!
Education (Technology, Systems, Tools, Hardware):
Taylor Thompson 4th Grade Chadbourne Elementary The Core  More A spherical hard yoga ball which opens up to allow you to store your belongings and be more comfortable when sitting in a cramped space.
Energy (Efficiency, Environmental, Clean Technology, Generation):

Kriyash Tirunahari 4th Grade Chadbourne Elementary Solar goer This invention solves the problem of heating food on the go with less hassle. It uses solar energy which is a very clean form of energy and environment friendly. Just place it in sunlight. It is self charging and can be used for multitude of other purposes. No need of an electrical outlet.
Health and Medical Technology:
Jonah Guyer & Oliver Willet 6th Grade Happy Valley Elementary Splash Bag The Splash Bag is a watertight “dry bag” used for a CADD-MS3 pump for people who have Pulmonary Hypertension so that they can do water based activities.   This type of pump cannot get wet.
Home Organization:
Karine Silva 4th Grade Watsonville Charter School Of The Arts Cleaner Holder The Cleaner Holder helps keep your supplies organized in a simple way. You can place the Cleaner Holder inside any cabinet, for example kitchen or bathroom.
Home Technology, Smart Homes, Appliances:
Mark Kristien Bayog & Elliot Roth-Bensusan 5th Grade Bradley Elementary The Cook Cam The Cook Cam is a kitchen product for disabled or any persons to use which monitors your cooking and broadcasts live video to your phone using the Wyze application which is installed on your smart devices.    The Cook Cam features a camera, thermometer and light and is easy to use.
Household Tools:
Jacob Leonard 5th Grade Brook Knoll Elementary The Drop-Shirt Hanger The Drop-Shirt Hanger is a hanger that bends when you pull on the bottom hem of your shirt allowing the shirt to slip right off into your hand
Public Safety/ Public Good:
Aryan Mangal 8th Grade Thornton Junior High Artemis: An App for Abuse Prevention by Analyzing Sound through Machine Learning The objective was to examine if sound can be a factor to determine and deter bullying, a despicable form of child abuse, in order to ensure a happy and healthy environment for all kids to grow. The device continuously scans incoming sound without any need of internet. When language with swear words is detected, the device starts blinking a red LED and starts recording the language.
Sports, Games, Entertainment, and Toys:
Benjamin & Nicholas Acton 5th Grade Brook Knoll Elementary The New Chain Gang Football First  Down Measuring Device
Joseph “Jojo” Mirabal 5th Grade Vallejo Mill Elementary Sweet Tooth An app that measures sugar and gives you alternatives if you reach your daily limit

Keana Castillo 4th Grade Watsonville Charter School Of The Arts Wet No More Removable vehicle door rain visor
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