Judge & Volunteer Registration

2020 Virtual California Invention Convention  April 25, 2020— Register as a Judge

NOTE:  If you are a registered judge and you are not able to fulfill your commitment, please notify us ASAP – contact us

  • Volunteer – This year, as we are having a virtual event, we will not be needing the support of volunteers.  Thank you for thinking of us — and we would be delighted if you decide to register as a judge.  If this doesn’t work for you, we hope to see you at our Spring event in 2021!
  • Judges —You will be assigned to a “judging circle” where you and two other judges will be judging 6 to 8 young inventors and their inventions from the same grade band (Grades K-2, 3,4,5,6-8,9-12).  This year the judging will be done via a 4-minute video for each invention provided prior to April 25th and then a short telephone interview with the inventor on April 25th.
     – Around April 13th — You will receive via email, links to the videos and related project information for your judging circle.
     – Between April 13th and April 24th:  You will view each video, making notes to be used later as part of phone interview and/or scoring
     – Prior to April 25th:  You will receive phone numbers and time slots for calling the inventors for a short interview along with instructions for scoring and entering your scores online
     – April 25th  – Short phone interview.  Score your inventions and enter scores online.
    – April 27-29
    – Winners will be notified and results will be posted online

    • Requirements of being of judge are:
      • You are 16 or older.
      • You must be registered through our registration system.
      • The main requirement is that you are interested in what these inventors have created, you can listen to the student inventor and ask questions, and you are able judge based on the student’s understanding of the invention process.
      • You are able to view the videos assigned to you before April 25.
      • You are available on Saturday, April 25th to for phone interviews and posting scores online.
    • To Register:
    • Some information that may help


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