Teacher Registration

This is the first year we have had teachers register.  It is important for you to do so as the information is connected to your students’ registration.  Your information needs to be in the registration system before we can open the registration to the students. The benefit to you is that you will be able to keep track of which of your students are registered. Registering yourself and your school takes less than 5 minutes……

Instructions on how to register:

  1. Go to ca.zfairs.com – this will bring you to the home page for registration for the California Invention Convention.
  2. Go to the Create Account tab at the top and pull down Schools. If your school is already listed then go on to step 3.  If not, click on Register Another School and fill out the requested information.  Ignore the File Code Field.  The address and phone number are for the school, not for you.  (If your district is not there, complete the registration and then send an email to awcawley@comcast.net with the name of your school and the missing district and we will fix it).  Once complete, click SAVE and go onto Step 3.
  3. Go to Create Account tab and pull down Teacher. Fill out the information – the email and phone numbers you enter are the contact information we will use if we need to connect with you.  After you choose your school (you can choose multiple schools by holding down the CTRL button),  let us know if you will be attending the event on April 13th – and tell us which grade you teach.
  4. Once you have finished the registration, you will receive an email with your Username and Password (hold on to these!).  You can periodically log back into the system to check to see which of your students have registered.  Go to ca.zfairs.com, login with your Username and Password.  You will then see at the top on the left My Students tab.  Click on that and it will list your students and their projects.

How Many Students Can You Send to the State Convention?
The space at Maxim limits us to 200 students total for the convention.  Based on the number of responses we received from our pre-registration survey, at present we are allowing each teacher an allocation of 15% of your inventors.  Round up to the nearest whole (i.e class of 20, 15% is 2.5 students, so the allocation would be 3 students).  And if 15% is less than 1 whole student 🙂 — then round up to 1 student.  Now you have your basic allocation.

This base number of students should be the winners of your classroom Invention Convention.  We are suggesting that you also name another 15% as runners-up. As students register, we get a clearer picture of exactly how many additional spaces we have available to assign to the runners-up.  As we will have your teacher registration information, we will contact you as we learn more.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Note that we are allocating STUDENTS, not INVENTIONS.  For example, if you have a class of  20 students, then you can send 3 STUDENTS.  If one of your winning inventions is a team invention, then you would be sending 2 Inventions, 3 students.

Making Sure Your Students Are Ready:
Display Board:
The requirements for the board, as listed in the 2018 Invention Log on pg.16, are as follows:

Your Display Board MUST contain the following information in one
consolidated place on the poster:
  • Student(s) Name(s)
  • Project Name
  • Student(s) Grade(s)
  • Student(s) School
  • School City, State
  • Preferred Industry-Focused Category – (You can find this list on our website under Finals / 2019 California Invention Convention / Requirements and Restrictions )
  • Patent Status: (Most of your students will not have a Patent Status so just have the student say No Patent Pending.  If the student does have a Patent Status – contact us for further instructions.)

Pictures included in Student Registration:
This year, during the registration process, we are asking all students to upload a picture of themselves in the Profile section as well as upload at least one picture of the invention itself.  If the pictures are not available during the registration, the student can go back and enter them later. We may be using the profile pictures as part of looping video at the event, so smiling closeups would be nice!

4 Minute Video:
This year, videos are optional.  However, sponsors will be reviewing videos, along with problem / solution descriptions, prior to the event to inform possible award decisions.  If an inventor doesn’t have a video, then encourage them to make their problem / solution descriptions as complete as possible. For those who will be doing a videos you can download instructions Creating Your Video. They are also available through the Requirements and Restrictions tab on our website. A link to the instructions will also be available during the student registration. Note that if the invention is a team project, then they upload one video with both inventors.

Any questions, please contact us.

"Kids Inventing Their Future"