2021 California Invention Convention

2021 California Invention Convention – April 2021

Due to the pandemic, this year’s California Invention Convention was again  a virtual event.  In spite of the pandemic and the difficulties all of these kids and their teachers endured, 180 students joined us this year for our Virtual Convention.

List of All Participants and their inventions

The Awards Ceremony was broadcast on April 23. Our thanks to our Premier Sponsor, Maxim Integrated, who produced the broadcast for us.   If you missed the awards ceremony or would like to view it again, here is the YouTube link.  The video is 40 minutes.

Links to all the award winners 

 Note: As part of the Convention, each inventor creates a video explaining their invention and how they created it.  These videos are viewed by the judges as part of the judging process.  We often get requests to post these videos online.  As much as we would love to share these videos, we don’t post them as we don’t want, in any way, to jeopardize the student’s intellectual property  (i.e  the design of the invention).

June 24:  The U.S. Nationals 2021 Awards Ceremony, presented by Raytheon Technologies, will take place virtually on Thursday, June 24 . Finalists from CaIC participate in the National Invention Convention. Details for National Invention Convention will be found at https://inventionconvention.org/home-page/
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